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Meet Judy and Taza!

Judy and Taza Collage.jpg

Judy is a resident of Middletown since 1984. She and her husband James moved to the Village Brook II trailer park community for a quiet life in the country. For many years, James worked for the DuPont company and Judy ran a small childcare business from their beloved home.  As they entered the next phase of life sadness struck the family when James passed away due to complications from lung disease. Since his passing, Judy and her rescue dog Taza have continued living in their Village Brook II home on her small her income. 

For some time, her roof was leaking into the utility closet over the HVAC system. This caused major water damage to the walls, ceiling and sub-floor in her laundry room and kitchen. The roof has since been repaired, but the insurance policy does not cover the cost of the other needed repairs. Currently, the laundry room floor is sagging. There are multiple areas in kitchen where the sub-floor needs replacing. The vinyl flooring in both rooms is one piece of linoleum that needs to be replaced after repairing the sub-floor. 

Judy fears if she cannot get these repairs done, she will have to leave her home. It pains her to think of leaving the place where she and her husband were living together. She is still an active senior who looks forward to spending many more years creating memories in her neighborhood. Judy loves the Village Brook II community, it's the place she has called home for over 30 years. It's where she feels safe, and has people she can rely on and who rely on her as well. Judy explained, "Everyone looks out for each other here. I would be completely lost if I had to move away from my home."

Not knowing where to turn for help, Judy and her neighbor contacted Lift Up Lake Street Association for assistance.

Thank you for reading about Judy's story. Please consider helping Judy make her repairs!







*Disclaimer-This post has been created by the nonprofit organization, Lift Up Lake Street Association. All repairs on the before mentioned campaign will be performed by volunteers of the LULSA organization. All funds Help Judy and Taza stay in their home received from this campaign will be used to make repairs and purchase materials for the "Help Judy and Taza Campaign".

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